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The History and Future of Southern Coins and Precious Metals

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Since 1977, we have been serving a loyal clientele and for that we thank you! Markets constantly change by the minute! . . . hurricanes and other weather conditions disrupt us . . . new elected officials assert their influence . . . and . . . do we even need to mention the word “pandemic?’ But the one thing that we have maintained is our dedication to the people who use our services! Yes, the faces may have changed here but our commitment to fair trading practices and professionalism in our dealings with you will never change!

Our New, Customer Focused Website

We frequently get comments on our surroundings here at our store on Zenith St in Metairie, LA: Exquisite show cases with the products we sell, comfortable and private offices to make the deal with our helpful sales staff . . . and our informative website you can browse at your leisure from home or on your smart phone. It has improved over the years but we are about to make it better!

In this burgeoning digital world, we analyzed some of our website features and discovered a little improvement wouldn’t hurt. Over the past few months, our webmaster has been working hard simplifying and improving features to make browsing, comparing prices and ultimately buying coins and precious metals online a little easier. We’ll still be here full service if you want to drop in to do business but many others are quite comfortable purchasing our products from the comfort of their homes . . . or cars! Everyone should be able to benefit from the new site!

We’re still fine tuning some features, tweaking this or that and on April 13th, we intend to go live! You will still be able to find us at or The old site goes off and the new one will pop-up when you hit our link. Technology is remarkable, huh? Just don’t be shocked. I’m sure we’ll have to get used to it, also. Let’s work together! . . . still.

Join our Newsletter

You’ll have the option to receive a monthly newsletter, maybe a special offer now and then, keep up with the fluctuating metals prices and see ultra-high definition pictures of the coins and bullion you invest in! You’ll be able to maintain an online account you can monitor anytime. You’ll have the chance to comment and interact with us. Get the news on our blogs. Take advantage of special offers. Keep track of the current precious metal spot prices. All that and more!

We appreciate doing business with you and it’s time to make your purchases easier! Keep an eye out for our “New and Improved SouthernCoins.COM” email notification real soon!

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