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$5 Gold Half Eagle Liberty. The half eagle was produced for circulation in the United States from 1795 to 1929 and in modern times as both a commemorative and bullion coin since 1986. Production was authorized by Congress in the Act of 1792 and has the prestige of being the first gold coin minted by the United States. In 1839 the five dollar coin was redesigned for the fourth time resulting in the "Liberty Head" or "Coronet Head" design. This design was used for nearly 70 years from 1839 to 1908, with just a minor change in 1866 when "In God We Trust" was added to the reverse. The $5 Liberty also has the distinction of being the only coin design to be minted at seven different U.S. Mints: Philadelphia, Dahlonega, Charlotte, New Orleans, San Francisco, Carson City and Denver.

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